Thursday, 24 May 2018


WALT: about homophones - words that sound the same, but have different meanings and different spellings.

Task - Select and use the correct homonym or homograph to complete each sentence. Yesterday we were learning about Homophones with Mrs Morgan French.It was pretty easy but it was still fun i like the way that we had to pick the right word and find out witch was the one that suited the sentence but i think it was too easy so next time i want a little bit harder words.

  1. I have two kittens.  (too, two, to)
  2. Will you come too?  (too, two, to)
  3. Are you going to the park.  (too, two, to)
  4. He is heir to a fortune.  (air, heir)
  5. Tipene needed some fresh air.  (air, heir)
  6. Of course I’ll come.  (coarse, course)
  7. The material felt coarse.  (coarse, course)
  8. Be careful or it will break.  (break, brake)
  9. Slowly put the brake on.  (break, brake)
  10. You could hear the engine idle.  (idol, idle)
  11. He was my idol when I was young.  (idol, idle)
  12. I added two cups of flour.  (flower, flour)
  13. She put another flower in the vase.  (flower, flour)
  14. I’ll go and buy a new pair of shoes.  (pair, pear)
  15. The fruit salad contained apple and pear.  (pair, pear)
  16. The dog likes to eat meat.  (meet, meat)
  17. We will meet on the back field for rugby.  (meet, meat)
  18. I don’t have one cent left.  (scent, cent)
  19. That rose has a beautiful scent.  (scent, cent)

Monday, 26 March 2018


My D.L.O is the dragons (reading group) had to do  some interesting facts and interesting pictures i like doing it on slides because it was fun decorating and doing the gifs of the sun.

Ko wai to ingoa

                                       My D.L.O 
Is a presentation of Te reo 

The first & second slide is what my name is and The third & forth slide is how old i am and the last 2 slides are what school i go to.I thought this was fun cause we got to work on a sheet then go make some slides so and do moari patterns and that stuff.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

The 4 Moari myths ( hatupatu and the bird women )

My D.L.O   is Storyboard about room 1    recreated one of the 4 Moari myths  and I created Hatupatu and the bird women.  It was like i was making a cartoon but any ways it was fun! Our class enjoyed it. i thought that when i had to search for some objects it was pretty tricky cause you had to search what you were looking for and sometimes it wouldn't be there.                                           

Thursday, 8 February 2018

BOOK OF THE WEEK the Crocodiles Christmas Jandals

                                                                                                       Yesterday Room 1 was reading a book for shared reading . It was called the Crocodile's Christmas Jandals . Its about a Crocodile that got new Jandals for Christmas. Then he went to the beach for a BBQ . He took off his Jandals and they all were dancing and singing. Then when the Crocodile went to go get his Jandals. One of his Jandals got lost before he went home he looked everywhere for his left foot Jandal . Instead he found a red rubber left foot Jandal. The next Friday he went to go watch football the teams that were playing were the Crocs and the aces there was a little girl that was cheering for the aces the crocodile was cheering for Crocs. The crocodile looked at the girl beside him and saw her wearing a Jandal that could fit a Croc. So he got the Jandal back and he was friends with the little girl.THE END