Wednesday, 26 July 2017


FIRST:Maia didn’t like  her poi because  it was lopsided and the taura was loose,and one of the hukahuka had fallen off.

Second:  So Maia wants to  practice Kapa Haka
with her friends but she thinks Kapa Haka is boring and because Maia can’t sing because she forgot the words to the song.

Third: The next day at lunch Maia went to Miss Taiapa the art teacher to help her make 64 poi’s for the Festival in 2 weeks.Maia had a great idea to use red and blue plastic bags for the poi’s because that’s the schools colours.Then in 2 weeks Maia got to go to the festival with the Kapa Haka group.Because she helped.Then Maia got a reward for best pois.